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aobu pls rymrhe


no noiz pls leav


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no nizo u said 




no noiser


"what? it was a kiss."




"You're my obsession
My fetish, my religion
My confusion, my confession
The one I want tonight"
                           My Obsession by CINEMA BIZARRE

"Kneel like a worm, then beg the demons to do it!"

Anonymous asked:
hiriki-saaaan, hello! y'know I was wondering: have you ever read 1984 by George Orwell? bc I was just rereading YOTC and I noticed it has a few similarities to the London we see at the book. if so then I just love your fic even more!! <3

ahh I never read it, but I know the title and I’m somewhat familiar with the general setting!! A friend of mine used to read this book all time and I remember it picked my interest but I never got around actually reading it :c but I might have been indirectly influenced by it! I read some dystopic books and articles since the theme is one of my favorites.

(sorry for the -possibly late- answer! I’m kind of taking a little break from tumblr. And sorry sorry sorry for taking so long to post a new chapter ;n; I actually have a good chunk of it already written, I just need to motivate myself to write the rest and stop thinking about how shitty I think my writing is ahdkjhfkf)

////////sudden irrational urge to write tons of tahnorra stuff



okay daily reminder that rin canonically 

  • is bilingual 
  • is incredibly smart and one of the top students in his class
  • cried his eyes out at his elementary school graduation
  • wrote haruka a letter from austrailia about his struggles and fears and his determination to beat him someday but got scared and sent it to sousuke instead
  • planned the time capsule long before they even won their race because he was so confident they’d win
  • transferred schools and swim clubs for haruka nanase
  • wanted to swim in a pool of cherry blossoms (and got a little teary eyed when his friends made that dream come true) 
  • keeps a diary 
  • would never stop talking about how fast haruka was when they were kids 
  • almost broke his bed as a kid because he was jumping around so much while gushing about haruka
  • liked to make rainbows in the pool as a kid
  • carried haruka bridal style because of a bet they made (or, he made) as kids
  • is a huge crybaby 

i just love rin so much i could go on for hours about how much i love rin… 



JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: JoJo Montage